Saturday, 18 April 2015

Can You Make Money at HubPages?

The writer contemplating his next masterpiece...
Yes, you can make money from HubPages.

But first...

The internet is full of get rich quick claims from scam companies.

Worse that that, there are many bloggers and even reputable news outlets which tell you how good site X is.

They do this for the income from sign-up referrals.

There will be NO sign-up links on this page.  If you want to check out HubPages go and do it.

Google it and have a look.  I will give you my honest opinion based on five years of writing at HubPages.

Of all the places I have tried HubPages is still the most profitable, easy and ongoing place for me.  I run blogs, including this one, my own sites and recently affiliate marketing via CafePress and Zazzle.

It is HubPages which still gives me a dollar or so each and every day.

A dollar!

A miserable dollar you say, wondering if I have lost my senses.

The truth about internet writing and passive income is that few people earn as much as a dollar.  So I am doing quite well thank you very much.  Oh sure, I still have hopes of earning a proper living from my brilliant writing but they are the same hopes as when I started.

Very few people make any money.  Surprisingly, a huge number of them have an ego that makes them think they will.  That is where the scam companies come in.  They sell ridiculous dreams for sign-up and subscription fees and instead of even a dollar the would-be writer gets ripped off.

HubPages is an honest old-fashioned content farm.  They would prefer to be called a user-generated content site - whatever.  People write pages using the excellent FREE software HubPages provide and they share in any profits from advertising or Amazon / Ebay sales.

They pay out when you get to fifty dollars so I get a PayPal payment monthly during a good period.  Fifty dollars sounds a little better than the daily rate.

As a top-up to a pension, a minor savings plan or paying occasional bills that kind of income can help.  The cents and dollars mount up.  It is not a real income to replace a normal job.

That is the reality of the writing game.  HubPages is reasonably open and honest about it and they pay promptly and reliably.  You retain the rights to your content, can come and go as you please and as a no-risk no-investment introduction to the internet writing game it is one of the best.

A hobby that pays a little money at a time when interest rates are so low and money is tight?  If you enjoy writing and have something to say or share then HubPages might be worth a look.

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  1. You are doing very well financially compared to me, so congratulations. Though I have only been writing hubs for 17 months. But at least it helps to hone my writing skills.